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Hello and WELCOME to BobMenefee.com! I am a saxophonist and play tenor, alto and soprano saxophones. I have experience playing in many different styles and genres as a solo artist and in many bands,  large and small.

As a solo artist, my show includes top of the chart contemporary jazz tunes as well as pop song covers. I use professionally recorded tracks and utilize a Bose sound system.

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Private Party

Great time playing at a private birthday party with some really excellent musicians!

Gotta love the ’80’s, although my hair wig got a little bit itchy toward the end of the night!

New Music!

Please check out my Music page for my latest recording of “Acalento (Lullaby)”.


When I first heard the beautiful melody line from Boney James recent release, “The Beat”, I knew I had to learn the tune and record it.


So, I hope you love it as much as I do. Special thanks to Collin DeJoseph and Anthony Plank for their amazing musicianship on the recording! 

Coming soon — Our new Trio!

I’ve been working on putting music together with some very talented musician friends of mine, Lori Michelle and Bob Nidever!

We will bringing some kicking fresh music to you very soon! Please stay tuned for more details!

Warren Hill Saxophone Summit!!

Rising Star Competition

Headed to L.A. to attend Warren Hill’s first ever SAXOPHONE SUMMIT!! This will be a epic event for two full days of nothing but the SAX!! This will be an incredible experience and I will bring you guys back some great pics and share some memories with you soon!!! Stay tuned for some exciting stories……

Dinner with Warren Hill


WarrenHillWarren Hill is one of the best (if not THE best) contemporary saxophone players in the world today. I have always been in awe of his song writing and playing ability. One day I was visiting his website and noticed that he had an interest in teaching sax players to play his songs and to understand all about how he wrote them.
So, I looked into that and found that he is a very personable and genuine guy! A week or so before he was to play a show in Houston I dropped him an email and wished him the best at his concert. To my amazement, he responded and invited me to his sound check and pre show rehearsal. After his rehearsal, we grabbed some dinner and then he even offered to give me a lesson!! What a great experience that was to get coaching and tips from probably the best sax player on the planet!

Dave Koz & Friends

Voteing for Bob on Dave Koz stageBob on Dave Koz stageI Just returned back to the U.S. from an incredible time on the Dave Koz & Friends European Jazz Cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas. The incredibly talented artists Dave invited aboard the ship were Brian Culbertson, Rick Braun, Michael Lington, Gregg Karukas and Michael Bolton, just to name a few!
I was blessed to participate in a talent contest Dave put together for musicians taking his cruise called, “So You Think You Can Jam” that was sort of programmed like American Idol with auditions and performances in front of judges. The very first day of the cruise was the first audition. The early timing took me by surprise so I had to rush to my cabin, grab my sax and run back to the audition room. About 30 contestants performed their musical act for the first round! After a few more rounds of auditions, there were only 6 of us left and I was so happy to make the Final round!! Dave Koz himself and Patti Austin were among the judges for the Finals and it was so cool to be able to play in front of them and hear their critique. A very talented vocalist won the contest, but I will never forget the experience of being in the Finals of the competition and the excitement of that moment and the opportunity to meet Dave!!